Sometimes dreaming about kayaking is as close as we can get

Daan Jimmink


How did you start paddling?
I started paddling when I was 16, through my high school Outdoor Education program.

What is your favourite river? So many rivers are awesome for different reasons - the Devils Postpile on the San Joaquin (California, USA) for remoteness, the Mungo River on the West Coast (New Zealand) for commitment and the Kaituna in Rotorua (New Zealand) for the number of laps you can do in one day.

Why do you teach kayaking? I love helping people to achieve their potential on the water. Making the learning experience a positive one. Introducing people to the possibility of kayaking like I was introduced to the sport. It opened up my life and has let me explore and challenge myself.

What is your favourite playspot? I don’t really playboat that much, and most of the time I just try to play in my creek boat. One of the best places I’ve played was Bus Eater on the Ottawa (Canada).

How do you spend your year? I spend most of my year in my kayak, whether that is teaching or going on personal missions.

What other things do you do? Photography, rock climbing (sometimes), hiking, road cycling, and mountain biking.

What qualifications do you hold? NZOIA Kayak 1, NZOIA Kayak 2, NZOIA Rock 1, NZOIA Bush 1, Pre-Hospital Emergency Care (PHEC), Swift Water Rescue and a few other ones.
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